Windows Intune

Simplify PC management. Amplify productivity.

Remote workers in multiple locations. Multiple PC configurations. Limited resources. These are just a few of the challenges businesses like yours face every day.

Windows Intune™ not only helps you address these challenges, it takes PC management to a whole new level of simplicity. As an integrated Microsoft solution delivering cloud-based management and security capabilities through a single Web-based console, Windows Intune can help enable your computers and users to operate at peak performance from anywhere.

Help manage and secure your PCs anywhere. The Windows Intune cloud service helps you centrally manage and secure your PCs thru a simple, Web-based console—whether your IT staff or end users are in the main office, at a branch office, or on the road.

The best Windows experience. Standardizing your PC environment provides a better experience for your workforce and an easier environment for you to manage. With your subscription to Windows Intune you can upgrade to the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system or run a prior release—it’s your choice.

Fits your business. Because Windows Intune is a cloud service hosted by Microsoft, you don’t have the overhead of maintaining on-site PC management servers and software—so you get big tech results with a small tech investment and minimal overhead. And it offers a predictable, monthly payment cycle that helps your business more accurately forecast expenditures. Best of all, Windows Intune provides you with a 99.9 percent scheduled uptime service level agreement and best-in-class support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you not only get improved PC performance, you get peace of mind.

Try before you buy. Try Windows Intune for 30 days with no up-front costs to evaluate it before making a decision. Is simpler better? We think so, and we think you’ll agree. Contact us today for more information about how to get started with Windows Intune today.

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View a Microsoft webinar showing Windows Intune in action.

Help employees be more secure.

  • Help protect PCs from malware. Help safeguard your PCs from the latest threats with centralized Windows Intune endpoint protection.
  • Manage updates. Centrally manage the deployment of Microsoft updates and service packs to all or select PCs from the Windows Intune console—and help employees be more secure.
  • Proactively monitor PCs. Easily set up and recieve alerts on updates, threats and online PCs so that you can proacitly identify and resolve problems.
  • Set security policies. Centraly manage updates, firewall and malware protection settings across all of your PCs even on remote machines outside the corporate network.
  • Take advantage of Windows 7 Enterprise security. Better protect confidential data with BitLocker and BitLocker to Go in Windows 7 Enterprise.

Enable true mobility.

  • Install software remotely. Deploy most Microsoft software- like Microsoft Office 2010 and many 3rd party applications to PCs located nearly anywhere through the colud.
  • Gain better control of remote PCs. Remotelyinitiate on-demand malware scans, rorced restarts, or malware definition updates.
  • Provide remote assistance. Remotely assist your employees to resolve pressing PC issues—regardless of where you or your users are located.
  • Make it easier to be mobile with Windows 7 Enterprise. Give your mobile employees the speed, reliability and responsiveness of Windows 7 Enterprise - along with mobility enhancements like faster, easier network connections and troubleshooter guides.

Boost productivity.

  • Track hardware and software inventory. Get a more efficient way to manage all your hardware and software with Windows Intune, so you can more efficiently manage assets, licenses, and compliance.
  • Increase insight with reporting. Create and save reports on updates, software, hardware, and licenses—and then import data into Microsoft Excel® for further analysis.
  • Manage your licenses. Manage Microsoft Volume License Agreements and other license agreements to track how many licenses you’ve purchased against what you’ve installed.
  • Be more productive with Windows 7 Enterprise. Give everyone Windows 7 Enterprise - your employees will get productivity boosting features like an improved, intuitive and advanced search capabilities. And your IT staff will have fewer different PC configurations to manage.
  • Standardize on the Windows you want. Would you rather use a previous operating system? Standardize your PC environment on the single Windows platform of your choice—Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows Vista, or even Windows XP. Plus, you get full upgrade rights to future versions of Windows, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing upgrade